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General Meaning of Letters in your Name

Due to constant repetition of names, first names, and surnames, the
meanings and vibrations in the letters and numbers they contain exert a
constant influence on the human being.
Why is it interesting to ponder over the messages sent in this fashion?

In order to gain more knowledge of oneself and choose to act in harmony
with the vibrations from the positive side (+).
The negative side (-) is there only to pinpoint what has to be corrected
and thus invites the individual to behave as a free and responsible being.

Vertical line
Horizontal line
Diagonal line
Circle - Semicircle
dynamism - impulse
rest - calm -
change -
sensitive - sensual carnal
imagination creativity

First name :

A 1 vertical line
2 diagonal lines
Significations :
+ Intuition , choice, and concentration.
- Comedy, drama. Nervousness,
fear, anguish.

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