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Below is an example of a personal report.

Daily Personal Numerological Information
First Name, Last Name : Anonymous Guest
Date of Birth : 14 march 1928
Informations for : 21 june 2000

This is not a numerology study of the character and attitudes of the subject, it is rather a source of serious personalized information which leads to a rapid and global understanding of the general mood of the day.
The information below indicate how to archieve a positive approach to this day, and give you the possibility to put all the trumps on your side in all areas throughout the day. From these tables, and by being attentive, open, alert, intuitive, you may obtain precious indications to assist you in your choices and attitudes.

* from 0h
to 6h
Dynamism - achievement Good prospects for those who wish to take care of any kind of affairs related to material concerns. Analysis and careful study will allow propitious negotiations. Remember, do not be guided by the voice of laziness. Pull yourself together. Learn to obey, to work, to cooperate with others without being dominated. Be capable of team-work, without loosing your own characteristics. Enhance your tact, diplomacy, and good manners.
from 6h
to 12h
Opposition, take care
from 12h
to 18h
Achievement, accomplishment, emotions, crisis
* from 18h
to 0h
Structuration - organization - construction

* For those who are working by night

Every day do not forget to check the general comments which can influence the mood of the day.

For the MONTH
( june )
For the YEAR
( 2000 )
For the LIFE
Month of expectancy and waiting. Be very honest and careful in your deals. A good time for learning, thinking and renewal. Do not fall prey to melancholy. Take walks in the countryside, meditate. A present (unexpected, unforeseen) may come out of the blue ! A good month for sport.
This is the first of a 9 year cycle. A fresh start. Very powerful energy to begin something designed to persist. Build, construct, take initiatives. You reap as you sow. Above all, rely on yourself only. Beware of selfishness. Defend yourself.
Thanks to your own experience you now have the possibility to transmit warmhearted, positive, and encouraging advice to the younger ones.
Pay special attention to the following subjects :
character - personality - projects
A path that leads far and high ! It demands ambition, willpower, persistence, self-confidence, positive efforts, individual actions. Try to be a role-model, enhance your body and spirit. Avoid being oppressive. Be assertive but not imperious.
Main obstacles to overcome in your life :
Think carefully before acting. Avoid impatience. Do not hurt the other.
Trajectory of your destiny :
Though there may be ups and downs, life can be relatively easy if you truly want it.